Review: Final Sentence by Daryl Wood Gerber

Description (from cover):

‘In need of a change, Jenna Hart leaves the high-pressure world of advertising to help her aunt, Vera, open a culinary bookshop and cafe. Back with her family in Crystal Cove, California, Jenna seems to have all the right ingredients for a fresh start–until someone adds a dash of murder.
As a marketing expert, Jenna wants to make sure the grand opening of the Cookbook Nook draws a crowd, and no one is better at getting attention than her old college roommate, celebrity chef Desiree Divine. But when Desiree arrives in quiet Crystal Cove to do a cookbook signing, the diva stirs up more trouble than business especially when she turns up dead.
Known for stealing husbands and burning bridges, Desiree left behind plenty of suspects–including Jenna. Though the celebrity’s life always appeared to be an open book, Jenna will have to read between the lines in order to clear her name, and catch a killer before another body is served cold.’

My thoughts:

I have really come to enjoy this author’s other books under the pen name of Avery Aames (Cheese Shop mysteries) and when I heard that she was starting a new series under a different pseudonym, I knew that I had to read it. The debut curse didn’t really seem to apply to this one as I enjoyed it a lot. This author has a knack for making me enjoy her books and this one was no exception. Jenna Hart’s character is very well-developed and I like the mystery behind her past. Who was Jenna before she returned to Crystal Cove and why does her husband’s death haunt her. She is an approachable character and the reader can’t help but like her.
One of the things that bothered me the most about this was one of the characters like to use the phrase ‘Hoo-Boy’ all the time and it just drove me nuts. I get that this is one of the traits that define this character, but I couldn’t stand it. I tried to not let that distract me too much from the main story and it was a minor irritation that really didn’t change the impact of the story. Desiree Divine is the famous celebrity chef that everyone loves to hate. She flirts with men, she uses people to get what she wants so it’s no surprise when she turns up dead. Jenna was her college roommate and she feels like she has to discover the truth, not only because she has just become the police chief’s number one suspect.
If you are looking for a fun and warm cozy mystery, this is the book for you. I loved the beach atmosphere and this would be a fantastic beach read if I were ever going on vacation. Since there is no vacation in my near future, the beach escape provided in this book was therapeutic and made me enjoy this book so much more. I see a bright future ahead for this series and don’t need Aunt Vera’s psychic abilities (so she claims) to see that this one will go far. Highly recommend this book for cozy lovers who like a beach themed read and who want to get lost in an engaging and enjoyable story.

Overall Rating: 4

Title:  Final Sentence
Author:  Daryl Wood Gerber
Series:  Cookbook Nook Mystery #1
Publisher:  Berkley
Publication Date:  July 2, 2013
Pages:  304
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Get It:  Amazon; Barnes & Noble

Disclaimer: This book was purchased by myself and I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

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