2013: A Bookish Review

Well, it’s that time of the year again to look back over the books read over the past year and reminisce about the good and the bad. Here’s my reading statistics for the year of 2013:
Total Books Read: 143
January: 16
February: 14
March: 11
April: 7
May: 13
June: 13
July: 10
August: 12
September: 11
October: 12
November: 13
December: 11
Total Reviews on this Blog: 143
2013 Favorite Books:








(In Alphabetical Order)
1. A Murder at Rosamund’s Gate–Susanna Calkins (Review)
2. Burial Rites–Hannah Kent (Review)
3. Dark Waters–Robin Blake (Review)
4. Death of a Dowager–Joanna Campbell Slan (Review)
5. Delia’s Shadow–Jaime Lee Moyer (Review)
6. In Defense of the Queen–Michelle Diener (Review)
7. India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy–Carol K. Carr (Review)
8. Longbourn–Jo Baker (Review)
9. Midnight at Marble Arch–Anne Perry (Review)
10. Murder as a Fine Art–David Morrell (Review)
11. Murder at Hatfield House–Amanda Carmack (Review)
12. Murder Your Darlings–J.J. Murphy (Review)
13. Soulless–Gail Carriger (Review)
14. Speaking from Among the Bones–Alan Bradley (Review)
15. That Old Flame of Mine–J.J. Cook (Review)
16. The Christie Curse–Victoria Abbot (Review)
17. The Fate of Mercy Alban–Wendy Webb (Review)
18. The Highbury Murders–Victoria Grossack (Review)
19. The House at Riverton–Kate Morton (Review)
20. The Vanishing–Wendy Webb (Review)
So this leads into my favorite book of 2013:
  This book completely knocked me for a loop. It was such a beautiful story and I simply couldn’t get enough or stop thinking about this one. It was a close one between this one and Longbourn but this book just overawed me on so many levels, I have to choose this one to be my favorite book read this past year.

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