Review: Read It and Weep by Jenn McKinlay

Description (from cover):

‘Answering Shakespeare trivia comes with the job description for library director Lindsey Norris. But when the Briar Creek Community Theater mounts their newest production of the bard, she has no intention of leaving the stacks for the stage. Unfortunately a villain is waiting in the wings…
Former Broadway actress Violet La Rue is holding auditions for A Midsummer Night’s Dream–and everyone from the sour spinster librarian Ms. Cole to Lindsey’s youthful library pages are trying out for parts. Brought in to play the mischievous Puck is the flirtatious professional actor Robbie Vine, who seems to have eyes for Lindsey.
Before her blush has faded, the bard’s dream turns into a nightmare when one of the cast is poisoned. Now Lindsey and her crafternooners must take center stage to unmask the culprit before the final curtain call…’

My thoughts:

I really like this series, but for some reason this book was very predictable and nothing like I thought it would be. I enjoyed it because I really like the characters, but the plot was nothing special and very easily figured out. The twist wasn’t surprising at all and I saw it coming a mile away. I really hope that this is just a fluke and the series isn’t on its way out. I like Jenn McKinlay’s writing and I love the library theme. As a book lover, who wouldn’t love the library theme? 
Lindsey’s love life plays a big role in this book and while I get why the author did that, I just prefer my books to be more mystery oriented. The love triangle and messy relationships really tends to be distracting when I would rather deal with suspects and clues. The author used this book as a pivotal point in Lindsey’s romantic life and I thought that this book was more geared towards that than anything else. The mystery in this one takes a back story approach to the rest of the more personal things going on amongst the characters.
This book was probably my least favorite of this series. I think it was a good effort on the author’s part, but it was so predictable. I really dislike books where I can figure everything out in the first half or so. It doesn’t make it fun for me. I am hoping that the next book in this series will be on par with the rest of this series. We will just have to wait and see.

Overall Rating: 2.5

Title:  Read It and Weep
Author:  Jenn McKinlay
Series:  Library Lover’s Mystery #4
Publisher:  Berkley
Publication Date:  November 5, 2013
Pages:  304
Genre:  Cozy Mystery

Disclaimer: This book was selected from the library by myself and I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

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