In My Mailbox (May 26)

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Received from Netgalley:








1. Sisters of Treason–Elizabeth Fremantle
2. Jane Austen’s First Love–Syrie James
3. Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil–James Runcie (Grantchester Mystery #3)
4. The Queen’s Exiles–Barbara Kyle (Thornleigh #6)
5. The Late Scholar–Jill Paton Walsh (Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane #4)
6. Murder on the Home Front–Molly Lefebure
7. The Bitter Trade–Piers Alexander
8. Murder at the Brightwell–Ashley Weaver  
9. A Dangerous Madness–Michelle Diener (Regency London #3)
10. Lost Under a Ladder–Linda O. Johnston (Superstition Mystery #1)
11. A Triple Knot–Emma Campion 
12. The Fortune Hunter–Daisy Goodwin
13. Mission to Murder–Lynn Cahoon (Tourist Trap Mystery #2)
14. A Sense of Entitlement–Anna Loan-Wilsey (Hattie Darvish Mystery #3)
15.  Murder at the Mikado–Julianna Deering (Drew Fathering Mystery #3)
 Received from Edelweiss:



1. An Unwilling Accomplice–Charles Todd (Bess Crawford Mystery #6)
2. The Secrets of Life and Death–Rebecca Alexander 
3. The Care and Management of Lies–Jacqueline Winspear
4. When the World Was Young–Elizabeth Gaffney
5. The Agincourt Bride–Joanna Hickson
6. The Tudor Bride–Joanna Hickson
Received from Publisher:

1. An Air of Treason–P.F. Chisholm (Sir Robert Carey Mystery #6)
2. The Devil’s Workshop–Alex Grecian (Murder Squad Mystery #3)
Bought for Kindle:



1. Slammerkin–Emma Donoghue 
2. Staged to Death–Karen Rose Smith (Caprice de Luca Mystery #1)
3. The Firebird–Susanna Kearsley
4. A Bloody Field by Shrewsbury–Edith Pargeter
5. The Outsmarting of Criminals–Steven Rigolosi (Miss Felicity Prim Mystery #1)
6. Murder at the Breakers–Alyssa Maxwell (Gilded Newport Mystery #1)







1. The Big Chihuahua–Waverly Curtis (Barking Detective Mystery #3)
2. A Second Helping of Murder–Christine Wenger (Comfort Food Mystery #2)
3. Spinning in Her Grace–Molly MacRae (Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #3)
4. Inherit the Word–Daryl Wood Gerber (Cookbook Nook Mystery #2)
5. Death on Eat Street–J.J. Cook (Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mystery #1)
6. Keeping Mum–Alyse Carlson (Garden Society Mystery #3)
7. Bloom and Doom–Beverly Allen (Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery #1)
8.  The Limehouse Text–Will Thomas (Barker and Llewellyn Mystery #3)
9. The Flight of Gemma Hardy–Margot Livesey 
10. Time and Chance–Sharon Kay Penman (Eleanor of Aquitaine #2)
11. Scandal at Six–Ann Purser (Lois Meade Mystery #13)
12. Ophelia’s Fan–Christine Balint 
13. Found Guilty at Five–Ann Purser (Lois Meade Mystery #12)
14. The Love Knot–Elizabeth Chadwick  
From the Library



1. Dead Between the Lines–Denise Swanson (Devereaux Dime Store Mystery #3)
2. Death of a Mad Hatter–Jenn McKinlay (Hat Shop Mystery #2)
3. The Whole Cat and Caboodle–Sofie Ryan (Second Chance Cat Mystery #1)
4. The Fairbairn Girls–Una-Mary Parker
5. The Queen’s Dwarf–Ella March Chase  
6. The Asylum–John Harwood 
I really shouldn’t wait so long to do these In My Mailbox post as they take forever when you don’t do them regularly. Quite the haul over the past couple of weeks. What do you think? Anything you’ve read that was fantastic? Would love to hear what you guys think.

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