Reviews & Ratings

-Review Policy-

I am accepting books for review at this time. Please email all information to for consideration. Please note that at this time I am only selecting a few books to review at this time.

I am happy to accept books for review, including advanced reader copies (“ARCs”). I prefer digital copies only at this time. I prefer to read books in Kindle format or epub formats.

I would request that you send me a synopsis of your book for review so I can determine if it is a book I can honestly review. My primary interests at this time are: cozy mysteries, historical mysteries, mysteries/thrillers, nonfiction relating to history, true crime, historical fiction and fiction.

Please note that all reviews posted on this blog will be based purely on my honest opinion and thoughts and will be represented as such. I will be completely honest in my review and if my opinion is negative, I will make every effort to offer constructive criticism. By offering me a copy of your book for review, you agree to this policy and agree that I will post my review on this blog, on LibraryThing, Amazon, and other review sites. If you wish to use any of my comments from this blog, you agree to obtain permission first and to properly cite the source of the comment to this blog.

Per FTC regulations, I will post a disclaimer with each review on this blog. I agree to not resell or share any book given for review. I may from time to time offer a giveaway on this blog of the book, but will seek permission prior to doing so.

-Ratings Policy-

The rating that I give to a book is based mainly on my enjoyment level. Review ratings are done on a 0 to 5 scale, half-ratings included. Here’s what they mean:

0 Stars: Did not finish. I will not post these reviews on this blog, but will add them to my LibraryThing account;

1 Star: I didn’t like this book — felt more like homework than reading for pleasure;

2 Stars: This book needed something different to make me like it;

3 Stars: This book was good. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. I would recommend based on certain tastes;

4 Stars: This book was delightful. I’m glad I read it and would recommend to other readers;

5 Stars: I really enjoyed this book. I will probably read it again and highly recommend to other readers;

5+ Stars: A new favorite! Everyone should read this book!

Honesty in my book reviews are my top priority. I also strive to be fair and courteous, as I realize that a book that doesn’t work for me might be enjoyable to others. Also, I choose what I will review and will not review on this blog.