The Shop on Royal Street by Karen White

Description (from cover): “Nola Trenholm is hopeful for a fresh start in the Big Easy but must deal with ghosts from her past–as well as new ones–in this first book in a spin-off series of Karen White’s New York Times bestselling Tradd Street novels.

After a difficult detour on her road to adulthood, Nola Trenholm is looking to begin anew in New Orleans, and what better way to start her future than with her first house? But the historic fixer-upper she buys comes with even more work than she anticipated when the house’s previous occupants don’t seem to be ready to depart.

Although she can’t communicate with ghosts like her stepmother can, luckily Nola knows someone in New Orleans who is able to–even if he’s the last person on earth she wants anything to do with ever again. Beau Ryan comes with his own dark past–a past that involves the disappearance of his sister and parents during Hurricane Katrina–and he’s connected to the unsolved murder of a woman who once lived in the old Creole cottage Nola is determined to make her own…whether the resident restless spirits agree or not.”

My Thoughts:

A couple of years ago I came across the first book of Karen White’s Tradd Street series and was introduced to this author and her fantastic books. There are seven books currently in that series and the author decided to branch off with this new series featuring Nola Trenholm, who is the daughter of the main characters Melanie and Jack in the Tradd Street series. That series is set in Charleston, South Carolina and this book takes place several years since the last installment in that series. Nola is now twenty-eight years old and has moved to New Orleans. She purchases an old house in the city with the intentions of restoring the property and making it her home. Little does she know that this house has its own past and secrets. When she learns that a murder occurred in the house 40 years ago, she is concerned that there are lingering spirits who don’t want her to be there.

I was so excited to see that the author wanted to continue the Tradd Street series but using Nola and her own story to branch the series out. I loved Nola’s character in White’s other books and I am glad that she decided to give Nola a starring role in her own series. Nola has her own demons that she has had to face. She has a loving family and although paranormal things have been a huge part of her life, she has has her own beliefs and her own agenda. I don’t normally read books that are paranormal based, not that I don’t enjoy them, I just usually don’t seek them out. White’s books are phenomenal and mix the paranormal with real life and mystery that make it near impossible to stop reading. Her characters are well developed and have so much depth that it is impossible to not connect with them as a reader.

I am sincerely hoping that this series continues as long as the Tradd Street series has with seven books. I loved being introduced to city of New Orleans through White’s descriptive details. She really makes you feel like you are in the city and a part of it with using real places and details to make it come alive. If you are interested in this book, I highly recommend that you start with the Tradd Street series and continue through to this one. This book was another fantastic read from Karen White. It is my understanding that there is another book planned in this series and it can’t come soon enough for this reader. I highly recommend this book and all of Karen White’s books in the Tradd Street series.

Overall Rating: 5+ Stars

Author: Karen White

Series: Nola Trenholm #1

Publisher: Berkley

Publication Date: March 29, 2022

Pages: 384

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me by the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for my honest review. I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Review: A Botanist’s Guide to Parties and Poison by Kate Khavari

Description (from cover): “Saffron Everleigh is in a race against time to free her wrongly accused professor before he goes behind bars forever. Perfect for fans of Deanna Raybourn and Anna Lee Huber, Kate Khavari’s debut historical mystery is a fast paced, fearless adventure.

London, 1923. Newly minted research assistant Saffron Everleigh attends a dinner party for the University College of London. While she expects to engage in conversations about the university’s large expedition to the Amazon, she doesn’t expect Mrs. Henry, one of the professor’s wives to drop to the floor, poisoned by an unknown toxin.

Dr. Maxwell, Saffron’s mentor, is the main suspect, having had an explosive argument with Dr. Henry a few days prior. As evidence mounts against Dr. Maxwell and the expedition’s departure draws nearer, Saffron realizes if she wants her mentor’s name cleared, she’ll have to do it herself.

Joined by enigmatic Alexander Ashton, a fellow researcher, Saffron uses her knowledge of botany as she explores steamy greenhouses, dark gardens, and deadly poisons. Will she be able to uncover the truth or will her investigation land her on the murderer’s list?”

My Thoughts:

This is the first book in the Saffron Everleigh mystery series. Saffron is an assistant to a botany professor at London’s University College. She is smart and determined to make a name for herself academically. Although this is quite a hard feat for her as she is the first female assistant and is treated differently for being so. Her father was a well-known botany professor at the university and she is eager to make her own way in a world dominated by men. She is often looked over just because she is a woman. When the wife of a professor is poisoned at a party she attends, she knows that nothing is as it appears and she is determined to solve the case. Surrounded by men who think that they are better than her because she is just a woman, she is able to investigate on the sly.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am glad that I was able to get my hands on an advanced reader’s copy as I am always on the hunt for a new historical mystery series to love. In this book, the author does a great job of showing the reader how women were treated professionally in the 1920’s. Even though women were starting to leave the home and create careers for themselves, not everyone was on board. That is a struggle that the reader sees Saffron having to deal with a lot in this book. She is smart, but she is a woman and that limits her chances to advance in a field presently dominated by men.

With the help of another research assistant, Alexander Ashton, she sets out to determine who wanted to murder Mrs. Henry and why. Was it her husband who was having an affair or was it one of the other professors in the department who had grudges against her husband? I thought that this was a brilliantly written debut novel in this new historical mystery series and I cannot wait to read more about Saffron’s adventures in the future. I couldn’t put this one down and am extremely excited about this series and will be watching for new books in the future.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author: Kate Khavari

Series: Saffron Everleigh Mystery #1

Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

Publication Date: June 7, 2022

Pages: 304

Genre: Historical Mystery

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me by the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for my honest review. I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Review: Wild Irish Rose by Rhys Bowen and Clare Broyles

Description (from cover): “New York Times bestselling author Rhys Bowen, now writing in partnership with her daughter, Clare Broyles, transports and enthralls readers through the incomparable Molly Murphy Sullivan. Wild Irish Rose is the next novel in this beloved mystery series, a cause for celebration for readers and critics alike.

New York, 1907: Now that she’s no longer a private detective–at least not officially–Molly Murphy Sullivan is looking forward to a time of settled tranquility with friends and family. Back in New York, where her own story began, Molly decides to accompany some friends to Ellis Island to help distribute clothing to those in need. This journey quickly stirs up memories for Molly. When you’re far from home and see people from your country, every face looks like a family member.

That evening Molly’s policeman husband, Daniel, is late returning home. He comes with a tale to tell: there was a murder on Ellis Island that day, and the main suspect is the spitting image of Molly. The circumstances are eerily similar to when Molly herself arrived on Ellis Island, and she can’t help but feel a sense of fate. Molly was meant to be there that day so that she can clear this woman’s name.”

My Thoughts:

Molly Murphy Sullivan is a former Irish immigrant who now has a policeman husband, a baby and a family of her own. She has come a long way since she landed in Ellis Island to start her new life in America. When she has the opportunity to assist her friends with providing newly arrived immigrants with coats to protect against the harsh New York winters, she is reminded of her own past and jumps to help. While she is helping on Ellis Island, she is mistaken for one of the immigrants and is forced to prove her identity. Upon arriving at home, she learns that the immigrant she was wrongly mistaken for is a suspect in a murder. Realizing her own struggles and journey, she is drawn to help her husband solve this murder and prevent another wrongly accused woman from being thrown in jail for murder.

As I have stated before on this blog, Rhys Bowen is one of my favorite historical mystery authors. I have long been a fan of her and this series. It has been quite the journey through the years to see what Molly is going to get herself into next and when I had the opportunity to read this new release in advance, I jumped at the chance. While this book was little long in areas and felt like it dragged on more than usual, it still was a good read and new addition to a beloved series.

In this book, we really see Molly struggle with her past and her future. She wants to be a good wife and mother, but she is drawn to her past as a private detective and she cannot help but find herself in the middle of a murder investigation. While Daniel, her husband, is not thrilled with her assisting him in his investigation, he is willing to allow her to assist with a caveat, that she first be a wife and a mother and not put herself in danger. Of course, this is easier said than done and Molly is up to her old antics. This was another fantastic read by Rhys Bowen and her daughter Clare Broyles and I am anxiously awaiting the next release in this series.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Author: Rhys Bowen and Clare Broyles

Series: Molly Murphy Mystery #18

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Publication Date: March 1, 2022

Pages: 384

Genre: Historical Mystery

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me by the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for my honest review. I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

A Question of Betrayal by Anne Perry

Description (from cover): “On her first mission for MI6, the daring young photographer at the heart of this thrilling new mystery series by bestselling author Anne Perry travels to Mussolini’s Italy to rescue the lover who betrayed her.

Britain’s secret intelligence service, MI6, has lost contact with its informant in northern Italy, just as important information about the future plans of Austria and Nazi Germany is coming to light. And young Elena Standish, to her surprise, is the only person who can recognize MI6’s man–because he is her former lover. Aiden Strother betrayed Elena six years ago, throwing shame on her entire family. Now, with so much to prove, Elena heads to Trieste to track down Aiden and find out what happened to his handler, who has mysteriously cut off contact with Britain.

As Elena gets word of a secret group working to put Austria in the hands of Germany, her older sister, Margot, is in Berlin to watch a childhood friend get married–to a member of the Gestapo. Margot and Elena’s grandfather, the former head of MI6, is none too happy about the sisters’ travels at this tumultuous time, especially when a violent event at home reminds him that even Britain is growing dangerous. As his own investigation collides with his granddaughter’s, what’s at stake on the continent becomes increasingly frightening–and personal.

Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing Europe, New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry crafts a novel full of suspense, political intrigue, and the struggle between love and loyalty to country.

My Thoughts:

This is the second book in the Elena Standish series by Anne Perry that takes place in the 1930’s in an Europe that is increasingly gearing up for war. In the period after World War I and the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany, Britain’s MI6 is actively engaged in preventing another war by using spies strategically placed in Nazi Germany, and in Northern Italy. There appears to be plans afoot to overthrow the new Austrian Chancellor, Engelbert Dollfuss, and have Nazi Germany take over the country to further the political ambitions of Hitler. MI6 has agent Aiden Strother in place in Northern Italy to pass along information to the British and to keep them informed of Hitler’s plans. When Strother’s handler, Max, seemingly appears to go missing with no contact, MI6 sends in Elena in order to find Max and bring Strother and his information back to England. The only reason they send in Elena is because Aiden was her former lover and she is the only one who can be relied upon to find him.

This book was a little chaotic and hard to follow at times. I had a hard time keeping up with everything for a little while, but towards the end, I was able to get hooked into the story and wanted to see how it ended. I felt the ending was a little rushed and could have been a little more thought out. I liked the characters and the historical context. I always find it interesting to read about World War II and how it started. Europe really didn’t want to fight another war right after one that caused so many losses and struggles, but Germany was determined to recover and make a name for itself at any cost.

Anne Perry has long been a favorite author of mine and I am glad that she has branched out and decided to write books in a different era as she normally writes in about Victorian England. While this book wasn’t the greatest book I read, I still appreciate her attention to detail and her way with endearing her readers to the characters. I will see what the next book in the series, A Darker Reality, has in store for these characters, but it seems that there will need to be a little more moving forward for this to become a series that I really enjoy and love.

Overall Rating: 2.5 Stars

Author: Anne Perry

Series: Elena Standish Mystery #2

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Publication Date: September 8, 2020

Pages: 305

Genre: Historical Mystery

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Disclaimer: This book was selected by myself at the library, and I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Review: Murder at the Book Club by Betsy Reavley

Description (from cover): “Imagine nine women meeting. Tea and cake are on the coffee table. They’ve come together to share their love of books. They are friends. They trust each other. It’s a happy gathering. What could be more harmless?

Then scratch the surface and look closer. One is lonely. One is desperate. And one of them is a killer. When the body of a woman is discovered on a Cambridge common, DCI Barrett and DI Palmer are called in to investigate. But the motive behind the crime isn’t clear–and it all leads back to a book club. As the lies, volatile friendships, and tension among the group rise to the surface, DCI Barrett and DI Palmer must work out the motive and track down a cold-blooded killer. But just when they think they’re on the right track, a twist in the plot throws them off course…”

My Thoughts:

I very rarely check out book reviews from other readers prior to reading a book myself. It is a rule that I have set for myself to keep my reviews and thoughts unbiased. However, for some reason, I read the reviews of this book before reading it. The reviews overwhelmingly were a mixed bag. It seemed readers either loved this book or hated it and there really wasn’t a middle ground. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I read this book anyways and decided to give it an honest shake. While this book wasn’t a horrible read, it wasn’t fantastic either. I initially picked up this book because I thought it would centered around a book club, and as a lover of books myself, I felt I would be able to relate. It was centered on the members of a book club, but books really weren’t all that big of a part in this story.

Nine women are meeting for their book club meeting. When the members arrive, before they can even get started discussing the book, the ladies erupt into a large argument amongst themselves. The book club members are pitted against each other and soon the members are storming out angrily just minutes after getting started with their meeting. It seems that the book club is finally over as none of the members can seem to get along with each other. The next day, one of the members is found murdered on the common and the group is in shock. How could this happen to one of them and who is responsible? The police begin investigating the book club members and it seems every one has a secret.

I don’t think that there was one character in this book that I actually liked. None of the characters are likeable and they all seem to be self-centered and focused on their own selves. The constant fighting between the characters is very petty at times and just seemed unnecessary. I did like that each character could be a viable suspect and the plot had me guessing until the end. While this book didn’t quite blow me away, I didn’t think it was as bad as some of the other reviews I had come across prior to reading this book. I would just say it was an okay and average read. Nothing too exciting, but nothing too boring at the same time.

Overall Rating: 3

Author: Betsy Reavley

Series: Barrett & Palmer Mystery #1

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Publication Date: August 7, 2018

Pages: 218

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

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Disclaimer: This book was selected by myself at the library, and I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Review: Hounded by David Rosenfelt

Description (from cover): “Andy Carpenter isn’t sure what to think when he gets a mysterious phone call from a good friend, policeman Pete Stanton, asking him to drop everything, drive to an unfamiliar address, and bring his girlfriend, Laurie Collins. He certainly isn’t expecting to show up at a crime scene. But that’s exactly where he arrives–at the house where Pete has just discovered the body of ex-convict Danny Diaz. Upstairs are Danny’s now orphaned eight-year-old son and basset hound. And that, Andy discovers, is why he and Laurie were called to the scene–Pete wants them to take care of the boy and the dog so they won’t get thrown into the “system.” This is already asking a lot, but soon Pete needs another big favor from Andy. Pete himself has come under suspicion for Danny’s murder, and he needs defense attorney Andy to represent him…and to find out what really happened in Danny’s house that day.

David Rosenfelt has done it again. Told with his characteristic humor and wit, Hounded is at once a heartfelt story about family and a page-turning legal thriller.”

My Thoughts:

I found the first book in this series quite by accident. I was scrolling through books that were available at my library and came across this series. This series is a little different from what I normally read, but give me a book with twists and turns, courtroom drama and dogs and I will be all over it. I am a paralegal by day and a book blogger by night, so combining my knowledge of the legal system and my love of mysteries in a book was sure to catch my interest. Andy Carpenter is a small town criminal attorney in Patterson, New Jersey. He is sarcastic, he is smart, he is conniving and best of all, he loves dogs. All of the books in this series are full of surprises and you never know what to expect next. Andy must use his legal training and his smarts to help solve impossible cases where the Defendant appears to be nothing but guilty. Somehow, some way, Andy Carpenter always saves the day, but he is constantly going up against the clock to prove his clients’ innocence.

This book is the twelfth book in this series. As you can tell, I have stuck with this one with no complaints. I always know that when I read one of Rosenfelt’s books, I will not be disappointed. I literally read this book in one day as I could not put it down. Andy is a character who I have come to love throughout the series. In this book, Andy’s friend policeman Pete Stanton, who has long been a character in this series, calls him one night and requests that Andy and his girlfriend, Laurie, meet him at a murder scene. When they get there, Pete tells Andy that he must take the murder victim’s eight-year-old son and dog in for safety reasons. Andy reluctantly does so but does so for his friend Pete. Andy comes to find out later that Pete is the number one suspect in the victim’s murder and is arrested for the crime. This time the case is personal when it is one of Andy’s friends who faces life in prison. Andy knows his friend is not guilty of the crime he is charged with, yet all the evidence is stacked high against him.

Sometimes I like to switch it up a little bit and read something a little different. While this is still a mystery, it is a little different from what I normally read as it is not historical or cozy. Nevertheless, this is still one of my favorite series. I love how the author uses Andy’s sarcasm and connections with criminals, the mafia, and somewhat seedy characters to prove his clients’ cases in the courtroom. Nothing is too big or too small for Andy Carpenter. I have waitlisted the next book in this series, Who Let the Dog Out?, from the library and cannot wait to read it to see what Andy does next as there is no telling what trouble he will find himself in next. Another fantastic read by David Rosenfelt in what is coming to be one of my favorite mystery series.

Overall Rating: 5+ stars

Author: David Rosenfelt

Series: Andy Carpenter Mystery #12

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Publication Date: July 22, 2014

Pages: 320

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

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Disclaimer: This book was selected by myself at the library, and I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Review: God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen by Rhys Bowen

Description (from cover): “Georgie is back and hanging the stockings with care when a murder interrupts her Christmas cheer in this all-new installment in the New York Times bestselling Royal Spyness series from Rhys Bowen.

Georgie is excited for her first Christmas as a married woman in her lovely new home. She suggests to her dashing husband, Darcy, that they have a little house party, but when Darcy receives a letter from his aunt Ermintrude, there is an abrupt change in plans. She has moved to a house on the edge of the Sandringham estate, near the royal family, and wants to invite Darcy and his new bride for Christmas. Aunt Ermintrude hints that the queen would like Georgie nearby. Georgie had not known that Aunt Ermintrude was a former lady-in-waiting and close confidante of her royal highness. The letter is therefore almost a royal request, so Georgie, Darcy, and their Christmas guests: Mummy, Grandad, Fig, and Binky all head to Sandringham.

Georgie soon learns that the notorious Mrs. Simpson, mistress to the Prince of Wales, will also be in attendance. It is now crystal clear to Georgie that the Queen expects her to do a bit of spying. There is tension in the air from the get-go, and when Georgie pays a visit to the queen, she learns that there is more to her request than just some simple eavesdropping. There have been a couple of strange accidents at the estate recently. Two gentlemen of the royal household have died in mysterious circumstances and another has been shot by mistake during a hunt. Georgie begins to suspect that a member of the royal family is the real target but her investigation will put her new husband and love of her life, Darcy, in the crosshairs of a killer.”

My Thoughts:

**I have reviewed previous books in this series: The Twelve Clues of Christmas, Malice at the Palace, and Crowned and Dangerous**

Rhys Bowen has long been a favorite historical mystery author of mine. I adore her Molly Murphy mysteries and the Royal Spyness series, of which this book is a part of. Every single time a new book of hers is released, I jump right on it. Bowen has a way of creating characters that one simply cannot get enough of and books that never disappoint. I love her writing style and how she makes the characters all seem like friends. I devour her books in a matter of days as they are so good and impossible to put down. Georgie is a lesser royal, who has been down on her luck in the past, but the future is looking bright. She has recently married Darcy and they make plans of how to spend their first Christmas together. When those plans are thrown out the window due to a royal request, Darcy and Georgie head with her mother, her brother and his wife with their children to Darcy’s aunt’s house located on the Sandringham estate for a Christmas house party.

In true Georgie fashion, things start to go amiss from the moment they arrive. People start to turn up dead in mysterious circumstances and strange accidents are happening all over the estate. Georgie, along with Darcy, use their wits and skills to find out what is going on. Everyone is a suspect and no one is safe. Georgie and Darcy must race the clock and a killer before more murders occur. Georgie, while hoping for a relaxing first Christmas with her husband, finds herself in the midst of a murder’s cold blooded plot. With the return of beloved characters and a storyline that will keep the reader engaged and wanting more, this book is a great addition to the already fantastic Royal Spyness series.

Bowen has created another fantastic read with this book. I loved that I got to read this book right in the middle of Christmas season as that was a treat. Nothing like spending Christmas with your favorite characters. Georgie has come a long way in the series and the author shows no signs of slowing down in plans for her future in the books. As always, I am already eagerly anticipating the next installment of this book and only wish the author could write them faster. This was a delightful read and one that left us with a little surprise at the end. Have you read this book or this series? If so, I would love to hear in the comments what you think about the characters and this latest book in the series.

Overall Rating: 5+ stars

Author: Rhys Bowen

Series: Royal Spyness Mystery #15

Publisher: Berkley

Publication Date: October 12, 2021

Pages: 302

Genre: Historical Mystery

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Disclaimer: This book was selected by myself at the library, and I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Review: Jane and the Year Without a Summer by Stephanie Barron

Description (from cover): “May 1816: Jane Austen is feeling unwell, with an uneasy stomach, constant fatigue, rashes, fevers and aches. She attributes her poor condition to the stress of family burdens, which even the drafting of her latest manuscript–about a baronet’s daughter nursing a broken heart for a daring naval captain–cannot alleviate. Her apothecary recommends a trial of the curative waters at Cheltenham Spa, in Gloucestershire. Jane decides to use some of the profits earned from her last novel, Emma, and treat herself to a period of rest and reflection at the spa, in the company of her sister, Cassandra.

Cheltenham Spa hardly turns out to be the relaxing sojourn Jane and Cassandra envisaged, however. It is immediately obvious that other boarders at the guest house where the Misses Austen are staying have come to Cheltenham with stresses of their own–some of them deadly. But perhaps with Jane’s interference a terrible crime might be prevented. Set during the Year without a Summer, when the eruption of Mount Tambora in the South Pacific caused a volcanic winter that shrouded the entire planet for sixteen months, this fourteenth installment in Stephanie Barron’s critically acclaimed series brings a forgotten moment of Regency history to life.”

My Thoughts:

**I have reviewed previous books in this series and you can find those reviews by clicking on the following links: Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas and Jane and the Waterloo Map.**

Jane Austen has always fascinated me and having found a series focused on murder mysteries being solved by her, is just the icing on the cake. While it has been some five years since I have picked up a book in this series, I knew that I would enjoy reading about Jane’s adventures again. It did take me a little while to remember what happened in past books and try to figure out who the characters were (mainly Jane’s family members and their backstories). I feel that had there not been such a long gap in between reading the books, that it might have been a little easier to follow along. I did struggle initially with this book trying to keep everything straight. The plot was a little slow and it took me some time to really get into this book.

Jane and her sister, Cassandra, have left home for some rest in Cheltenham Spa where they plan on taking the curative waters to help with their many health ailments. Life has been a little chaotic for the family lately and the sisters hope that getting away for a little bit will provide respite for them. Upon arriving in Cheltenham Spa, they find that their housemates aren’t quite what they appear to be and intrigue is afoot with mysterious happenings. Jane cannot help but find herself in the middle of everything and her inquisitive mind leaves her searching for answers. When other houseguests end up being murdered in strange circumstances, Jane uses her wits and her friends to help solve the murders before someone else is harmed or worse.

As I stated previously, it did take some time for me to really start enjoying this book. The plot started out very slowly, but then as the book progressed, it started to get better. While I wouldn’t say that this was my favorite book in the series, it was nice to read about Jane and her life again. I love how the author uses real details about Austen’s life in the books and incorporates them into her stories to make them seem more realistic. While we all know Jane Austen wasn’t known for solving murders, I really enjoy the thought of Jane being a detective and solving murders in Regency England. This series has long been one of my favorites and it was nice to read this newest installment, which will be released in February 2022. If you are a Jane Austen fanatic like me, I would recommend this series for a different spin on her life and adventures.

Overall Rating: 3 stars

Author: Stephanie Barron

Series: Jane Austen Mystery #14

Publisher: Soho Crime

Publication Date: February 8, 2022

Pages: 336

Genre: Historical Mystery

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Disclaimer: An advanced reader copy of this book was provided to me by the Publisher through NetGalley. I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Review: Scandal Above Stairs by Jennifer Ashley

Description (from cover): “A mystery of stolen antiquities has Kat Holloway setting aside her apron once again for the intrigues of the upper echelons of Victorian London.

Priceless artwork has gone missing from the home of a wealthy baronet, and his wife stands to take the blame. When Kat’s employer asks for help in clearing her friend’s name, Kat trades her kitchen for the homes of Mayfair’s wealthiest families. Soon antiques are disappearing not only from the extravagant households of connoisseurs and collectors, but from the illustrious British Museum.

As the thefts increase in frequency, Kat calls upon her friend Daniel McAdam, who has already set himself up in a pawnshop on the Strand as a seedy receiver of stolen goods. When a man is murdered in the shop, Kat must use all of her wits to see that the thieves are caught and justice is done.”

My Thoughts:

Kat Holloway is a cook in a wealthy household in London who has a penchant for solving mysteries and finding herself involved in dangerous situations. When her employer Lady Cynthia, asks for her help with clearing her friend’s name of theft of antiquities, Kat is eager to be of assistance. She uses her connections with the households of Mayfair and her mysterious friend Daniel McAdam to investigate the thefts and finds herself promptly in the middle of a murder investigation. Using her connections and her bright wits, she must help her friends and solve the case before someone ends up getting hurt or worse.

This is the second installment in the Below Stairs mystery series and there is a lot of potential for this series. I have come to love the characters, however, the ending of this book left much to be desired. I felt the ending was a little rushed and was confusing. Everything didn’t come together as smoothly as I would have hoped and I was left scratching my head at the head trying to figure everything out. The author did provide some character development in this book, as the reader is not entirely sure of Daniel McAdam’s mysterious past. The author gave us some clues into his past, but did not give away everything. That alone keeps me hooked on this series.

While this wasn’t my favorite read, it wasn’t absolutely horrible either. I really enjoyed the author’s attention to historical details and her knowledge of food and cooking. As a cook and foodie myself, I found that to be very interesting. I am not quite ready to give up on this series and will see what the future of the series holds. As of the writing of this post, there appears to be five books in this series. As this is only book two, I am hoping that the series shows some improvement. The characters are really what brings me back to this series and I am curious to see what the author has planned for them in the other books. If you have read this series, let me know your thoughts in the comments. I am eager to see how others feel about this book and this series.

Overall Rating: 2.5 stars

Author: Jennifer Ashley

Series: Below Stairs Mystery #2

Publisher: Berkley

Publication Date: July 3, 2018

Pages: 316

Genre: Historical Mystery

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Disclaimer: This book was selected by myself at the library, and I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Review: A Rogue’s Company by Allison Montclair

Description (from cover): “In Allison Montclair’s A Rogue’s Company, business becomes personal for the Right Sort Marriage Bureau when a new client, a brutal murder, two kidnappings, and the recently returned from Africa Lord Bainbridge threatens everything that one of the principals holds dear.

In London, 1946, the Right Sort Marriage Bureau is getting on its feet and expanding. Miss Iris Sparks and Mrs. Gwendolyn Bainbridge are making a go of it. That is until Lord Bainbridge– the widowed Gwen’s father-in-law and legal guardian–returns from a business trip to Africa and threatens to undo everything important to her, even sending his six-year-old son away to a boarding school.

But there’s more going on than that. A new client shows up at the agency, one whom Sparks and Bainbridge begin to suspect really has a secret agenda, somehow involving the Bainbridge family. A murder and a subsequent kidnapping sends Sparks to seek help from a dangerous quarter–and now their very survival is at stake.”

My Thoughts:

This book is the third installment in the beloved Sparks & Bainbridge Mystery series. I have recently discovered this series and have immensely loved each book. Sparks and Bainbridge have their own backgrounds, yet they find themselves embarking on a new adventure together–running a bureau that helps people find love and marriage. Sparks is a former operative who used her skills in British intelligence during WWII. Bainbridge is of the upper class and is a widow as her husband lost his life in the war. I won’t go into too much detail about their pasts here, but if you read the books in order, the reader will delve into their pasts and how they came to be where they are now. Montclair does a fabulous job of weaving the characters’ stories and leaves enough intrigue to keep the reader involved and wanting to learn more. The reader doesn’t know the extent of Sparks’ previous spy work and with each book, the reader learns more and more about her interesting past.

Bainbridge has been struggling to find her own way after the death of her husband. She has opened the Right Sort Marriage Bureau with Sparks and she is learning how to support herself and her six-year-old son, Ronnie. When her father-in-law, Lord Bainbridge, returns unexpectedly from Africa, he turns the household upside down. His behavior is belligerent, and everyone in the house is walking on egg shells. He upsets Gwen by demanding that her son be sent to a boarding school that has a bad reputation and she fights to keep her son by her side. When Gwen and Lord Bainbridge are kidnapped together, they must learn to try to resolve their differences in order to survive. In a story with an interesting twist, nothing is as it appears be.

Sparks and Bainbridge must use their own unique skills to solve a murder and the kidnappings while at the same time trying to protect their own interests before they find themselves as the next victims. They use their connections with gangsters and high society in order to advance their investigations. This book and this series is a great read for anyone who loves historical mysteries set in post-WWII England. The author does a great job of describing what life was really like in that time period and how people had to learn to coped with rationing and rebuilding after the bombings of London. Another fantastic read by Montclair and I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for these two wonderful characters.

Overall Rating: 5+ stars

Author: Allison Montclair

Series: Sparks and Bainbridge Mystery #3

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Publication Date: June 8, 2021

Pages: 342

Genre: Historical Mystery

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Disclaimer: This book was selected by myself at the library, and I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.