I decided to start this blog mainly to keep track of what I am reading and what my thoughts are about each book and share that information with follow readers who enjoy the same type of books that I do. I found myself spending hours reading other bloggers reading blogs and decided that because I read so much I should do the same for my reading. I read somewhere in the neighborhood of 175-200 books per year and you will ALWAYS find that I am reading a book. I finish one and then pick up the next one. There is no lapse. I am always reading something. 

There are some resources that I use that I would love to share with you because they are so helpful with my reading.

1. LibraryThing: I use this to track what I have read, get recommendations for books to read and socialize with other book fanatics like myself. I participate in the Early Reviewers program on this website which allows me to receive books prior to publish dates to review. I have received and reviewed 29 books since I joined in 2009. Anyone can join this website for free and catalogue your books up to 200. After that you can do a year membership for $10 or a Lifetime Membership for around $20. I joined initially as a yearly membership and once my year was up I decided I couldn’t live without this site and joined as a Lifetime Member. If you are interested in my profile on this website my member name is lilkim714. Hope to see you there.

2. Fantastic Fiction: I use this to find out what my favorite authors have written. This lists all books by author and tracks the order of any series that they may have written. I also use the Coming Soon feature on this website to see what is coming out in the next few months. This resource has been a lifesaver for me at times when I make sure that I am reading a series in order. I have a thing where I cannot read a book series out of order and this website keeps everything straight.

3. Cozy-Mystery.Com: I use this keep up with everything in the mystery world. I read a lot of cozy mysteries and this website is a godsend. I can keep track of series and see the correct order for them. I get about a million ideas for book reading on this website. I also use the blog feature on this website to keep track of what’s up in the cozy mystery world and find it a valuable resource to help fuel my mystery reading.

4.  FictFact: I use this website to keep track of all the series that I love. You can follow a series to see when new books are going to be released in your favorite series. The only thing about this website is that it shows new releases and their release dates for what they are in the UK. You may have to check other websites to see what the correct release date in the US is, but I still find this to be a valuable resource. I also use this website to see what books I haven’t read in a series and it keeps a list of all the books that I need to read to complete the series and tracks my progress of what I have read so far in a series. So if you have a favorite series and you like to see when the latest book is being released I highly recommend this website. 

That’s all that I can think of right now, but I am always on the search for websites like this that help me with my reading. If you can think of something that I am missing out on, I welcome suggestions. I would love to hear about what websites you use to help with your reading.

So I have decided for this blog that I am going to review the books that I am reading in the order that I read them and share my thoughts on them. This blog welcomes comments and input so please share anything you feel that relates. I am always curious to see what other people think about books that I am reading and I ALWAYS welcome book recommendations. I hope that this blog becomes a place where we can share ideas about books and share a love a reading. I welcome you and happy reading. 

4 thoughts on “Introduction…

  1. Welcome to the blogoshere!Thanks for stopping by my blog. It takes a while to build up a community of regular readers who make comments, but it's lovely when it starts to happen.You may also be interested in the Classics Club with your love of historical fiction. Check out the links on my blog for details.


  2. I agree, those sites are wonderful resources for readers.I've used Fantastic Fiction for years to track down my favorite authors' backlist books. I couldn't live without it. (I don't like reading series out of order either, unless I absolutely have to!)


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